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Asset Finance.
Asset finance enables business owners to finance various assets, including equipment, machinery, and vehicles, whether they are new or used. Typically, lenders offer around 90% of the asset's value plus VAT. Additionally, asset refinance is available, allowing businesses to release equity from assets they already own. If you are interested in understanding how these options could benefit your business or wish to discuss your choices further, don't hesitate to consult one of our specialists.
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How It Works?
1 year - 5 years

In Hire Purchase agreements, you typically begin by making an initial deposit or covering the VAT, followed by paying off the entire agreement through monthly instalments. Once all the repayments are successfully completed, the Hire Purchase agreement concludes, and ownership of the vehicle transfers to you.

1 year - 10 years

Asset refinancing presents a chance to access the equity tied up in your business-owned assets. Typically, refinancing with a conventional loan necessitates a minimum of 10% equity (90% LTV). Once the refinancing process is concluded, the lender temporarily assumes ownership of the asset until all repayments are completed. Afterward, ownership of the asset reverts to you.

Operating Leases
1 year - 5 years

This is a leasing arrangement where you rent an asset for a specific period, which may not cover the entire shelf-life of the item. Commonly known as business contract hire, this type of lease is often associated with commercial vehicles. However, it is also applicable to various other assets, including property, plant machinery, and heavy equipment.

Finance leases
1 year - 5 years

A finance lease operates similar to an extended rental agreement. The lender purchases the asset and subsequently leases it to you for a predetermined monthly fee. During the lease term, you are responsible for maintaining the asset. At the end of the lease period, ownership of the asset transfers to you.

Step One
Submit the application icon
Submit your application

One of our dedicated finance specialists will reach out to you to discuss your available options. Once we receive the necessary supporting documents, we will proceed with formalising your offers.

Step Two
Approval in Principle

We have established excellent working relationships with all our lenders, allowing us to obtain fast and dependable quotes. We aim to ensure a smooth and successful process without any complications that could jeopardize your deal.

Step Three
bike icon
Select the Asset

Now is your opportunity to search and discover what you seek. Once you find it, share the details with us, and we will obtain full approval from the lender.

Step Four
sign the paper icon
Sign the paperwork

The applicant will receive contracts for signing, which are typically electronically generated and executed, streamlining the process for your convenience.

Step Five
process complete icon
Process Complete

The funds will be directly released to the asset supplier or manufacturer, allowing you the freedom to collect the asset hassle-free.

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