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Secured Finance. 
Secured business loans are backed by the borrower's assets, making them a suitable option for businesses that own residential properties, commercial properties, vehicles, and machinery. By utilizing business or personal assets as collateral, the risk to the lender is minimized, often resulting in larger loan offers with lower interest rates. If you are curious about how this could benefit your business or would like to explore your options further, feel free to reach out to one of our specialists.
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How It Works?
12 months - 30 years

The lender secures funding by placing a 2nd charge on your residential property, running parallel to your existing mortgage. This process typically takes longer than an unsecured product due to valuations and other legal checks that must be conducted. Borrowers opt for this method for various reasons: when their revenue doesn't support an unsecured loan or for larger expansion projects where extending the agreement's term is possible.

1 year - 5 years

The borrowing amount is determined by the value of the assets you use as security. Various business assets, such as commercial property, land, vehicles, equipment, and fixtures, can be utilized for this purpose. Although this funding option may be more intricate, it proves beneficial when your revenue cannot support an unsecured loan or when you need debt consolidation with the ability to extend the agreement's term.

Selective invoice

Invoice finance involves borrowing money against the amount owed to your business by your customers, which is known as the debtor book. By utilising invoice finance, you can access a significant portion of the cash upfront, typically up to 90% of the original invoice amount. This enables you to avoid waiting for payment and effectively unlocks the value from an invoice before its actual due date.

Step One
submit the application icon
Submit your application

One of our dedicated finance specialists will reach out to you to discuss your available options. Once we receive the necessary supporting documents, we will proceed with formalising your offers.

Step Two
Approval in Principle

We have established excellent working relationships with all our lenders, allowing us to obtain fast and dependable quotes. We aim to ensure a smooth and successful process without any complications that could jeopardize your deal.

Step Three
bike icon
Select your Product

The lender will proceed to evaluate the asset you wish to secure against, and this assessment process may take up to two weeks.

Step Four
sign the paper icon
Sign the paperwork

After finalising the asset details and ensuring your satisfaction with the agreement, the lender will provide you with contracts for signing

Step Five
process complete
Process Complete

Funds will be sent to your business account. 

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