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Unsecured Loans.

Unsecured business loans have gained popularity as they do not require any personal or business assets as collateral. This allows you the flexibility to utilize the loan for various business purposes, whether it's starting a new venture, expanding an existing one, or managing cash flow. Lenders assess your business's financial history and credit rating to determine the level of risk associated with the loan. This assessment influences the interest rate and term set by the lender. If your credit rating has been impacted by the recent volatility in the markets, don't worry; there may be alternative options available to help you get back on track.

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How It Works?
0 - 72 months

Traditional business finance, known as term finance, involves a fixed interest rate throughout the finance agreement, which can extend up to 72 months. Depending on the lender, there may be opportunities to settle the loan early without incurring any early repayment charges. However, due to the current market climate, only a few lenders still provide term finance products for such an extended duration. The majority of lenders have opted to offer shorter-term lending options like Flexi-Loans or Credit lines to mitigate their risk capital.

0 - 36 months

As term finance becomes harder to secure, many businesses are turning to the highly favored Flexi-Loan option available in the market. This financing solution offers rapid, adaptable, and cost-effective funding for up to 36 months, making it ideal for various purposes. Flexi-Loans have demonstrated their ability to fuel business growth through quick injections of cash for initiatives like expansion projects or staff recruitment. Moreover, you have the flexibility to repay the loan early without incurring any additional charges, and the interest will be capped once the account is settled.

0 - 12 months

Obtaining a credit line can provide your business with a swift and convenient cash boost. Whether you need it for restocking inventory, overcoming challenging periods, or making strategic investments, a credit line might be the ideal solution for you. Moreover, credit lines offer an excellent opportunity to establish and showcase your creditworthiness. Similar to personal credit, lenders value a track record of responsible repayment behaviour on previous facilities. Demonstrating reliability in this manner unlocks the potential for future loans with longer durations and more favourable interest rates.

0 - 12 months

A revolving credit facility is a flexible financing option that allows you to access funds, utilize them for your business needs, repay the amount, and then withdraw the funds again as needed. This type of credit is part of the diverse range of alternative finance solutions available in the market today. Unlike a Flexi-Loan, a revolving credit facility permits you to borrow, repay, and borrow again within the agreed duration of the term. It operates similarly to a company overdraft, offering a convenient and repeatable borrowing cycle to support your business requirements.

0 - 12 months

A business credit card is specifically issued for a business entity rather than an individual. It provides a revolving credit line along with a predefined credit limit. This type of credit card proves to be a convenient solution whenever a business requires rapid access to extra funds for short-term necessities or aims to enhance its purchasing capabilities. Business credit cards often come with added advantages for both you and your company, such as business rewards, options for employee cards, and seamless integration with accounting software.

0 - 18 months

Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs) represent one of the most innovative offerings in the realm of alternative business finance. They provide a unique solution for businesses lacking substantial assets but maintaining a satisfactory volume of customer card transactions. With MCAs, businesses can leverage their card terminal to secure lending. One of the key advantages of this structure is that it accommodates the natural fluctuations in your business trends. During quieter months, you'll repay a lesser amount, allowing you to feel at ease with the ongoing financial dynamics of your business.

Step One
submit application
Submit your applciation

One of our dedicated finance specialists will reach out to you to discuss your available options. Once we receive the necessary supporting documents, we will proceed with formalising your offers.

Step Two
Formal Offer 

We have established excellent working relationships with all our lenders, allowing us to obtain fast and dependable quotes. We aim to ensure a smooth and successful process without any complications that could jeopardize your deal.

Step Three
Select your Loan

Select the most suitable option for your business.

Step Four
sign the paper
Sign the paperwork

The applicant will receive contracts for signing, which are typically electronically generated and executed, streamlining the process for your convenience.

Step Five
process complete
Process Complete

Funds will be sent to your business account. 

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